WET CLEAN cleaning

Cleaning and ironing services with Rapid Collection and Delivery regardless of the order volume. The collection and return of the laundry is done free of charge for any order anywhere in Bucharest.

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What is Wet Clean?

Wet Cleaning refers to professional cleaning methods which, unlike traditional chemical cleaning, avoids the use of chemical solvents, the most common of which is tetrachlorethylene (commonly called perchlorethylene or "perc"). Environmental groups and the United States Environmental Protection Agency have indicated that such alternative "wet cleaning" methods are better for the environment than perc.

In our cleanroom we use professional equipment specially designed for Wet Clean created by Schulthess, a Swiss company that produces high-quality equipment.

For cleaning and washing we use BÜFA Care 4.0, a German detergent system and premium cleaning solution for textile care. We do not use perclorethylene that is toxic to the environment, our premium wash and finish solutions offer excellent results and even better than chemical cleaning.


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