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Professional laundry cleaning in Bucharest.

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Free Collection and Delivery from Home, Office or Hotel

Do you want fresh and soft smelling clothes?

Let us clean your clothes professionally and quickly.

The Laundry Room offers WET CLEAN cleaning services, professional laundry and ironing in Bucharest with Rapid Collection and Delivery regardless of the order volume. The collection and return of the laundry is done free of charge *. We collect from home, office or hotel and return them wherever you want.

Our services

Clothes cleaning

We clean clothes professionally and environmentally, your clothes will have a fresh and clean smell, brighter and vibrant colors.


We iron the clothes of people in Bucharest and we help them save time since 2014. Optionally and without extra costs we can tighten and perfume them.

Professional laundry

We wash the clothes with environmentally friendly detergents that make your clothes fluffy and pleasant to the touch.

Why The Laundry Room?


We have excellent prices and no surprises, everything is included in the final price. The prices include: cleaning, ironing, packaging, hangers, dressing or perfume depending on the product and the customer's requirements.

Eco friendly

We use biodegradable detergents and professional washing machines with low energy and water consumption to protect the environment. We do not use toxic compounds (PERC) in the cleaning process.


We have over 15 years experience in the textile industry and we take care of the clothes of Bucharest from 2014 with hundreds of satisfied customers. We use modern technologies for excellent results.


We collect and deliver your order from Monday to Friday between 9am and 8pm throughout the city for free. If you are close to us in sector 4, you can find us near Metro Brancoveanu (Children's Town).


Practical Guide to Taking Care of Clothes and Other Textiles


Because we care about your clothes we created a small guide to help keep them as long as we can. They are simple operations that you just have to put in your routine when you wash your clothes or when you are walking them. This saves you money and you can wear your favorite clothes longer.

You can read it or download it in PDF format here.


The symbols on the clothes labels
How to wash clothes properly
Caring for clothes
Printed or Applied Clothes
Denim clothes
Used costume and dresses