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Curatatorie de haine in Bucuresti

Clean Ecological Wet Clean

Pleasant touches and bright colors

At The Laundry Room we use a handmade process of wet cleaning. We use biodegradable, non-toxic detergents instead of the toxic and potentially carcinogenic PERC used by traditional dry cleaners. Any item with a chemically clean label can be damp cleaned. Pthe gentler rock of Wet Clean cleaning it results in clothes that will have a fresh and clean smell, brighter and vibrant colors.

Our service is perfect for everything you want to be cleaned, ironed and returned back to the hanger. We follow the instructions on the maintenance label (and we know what all these symbols mean!) So that your clothes become the treatment they deserve.

Why clean your clothes with us:

  •  No chemical odors and no residue in clothes
  •  The clothes smelled fresh and clean
  •  The clothes are soft to the touch
  •  Friendly detergents with sensitive skin
  •  Brighter, vibrant colors with no fading
  •  Whiter white

For more details on the wet cleaning process we use and the technologies please visit the page About us.

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