Time schedule9.00 - 19.00 Monday-Friday

About the Laundry Room

The Laundry Room is a modern Wet Clean cleaner, we are a family business that was born out of the desire to provide a professional and quality service. You can find us near Brancoveanu Blvd and Sos. Oltenita in sector 4.

What is Wet Clean?

Wet Clean cleaning is wet cleaning, uses water and is an ecological alternative to chemical cleaning.

Wet Clean cleaners use computer-controlled washing machines, biodegradable detergents and conditioners and complete the drying process using special moisture sensitive dryers. Wet cleaning is perfect for use on any garment such as: silk, cashmere, wool and other delicate materials.

Wet cleaning uses water, a universal solvent and does not use hazardous chemicals, does not generate harmful waste or does not contribute to pollution. Unlike traditional chemical cleaning, it avoids the use of chemical solvents, the most common of which is tetrachlorethylene (commonly called perchlorethylene or "perc").

Benefits of wet cleaning:

- No chemical odors and no residue in the clothes
- More gentle than manual scrubbing
- The clothes have fresh and clean smell
- Clothes are soft to the touch
- Friendly with sensitive skin
- Safe for clothing
- Better to remove stains
- More gentle on your clothes than home-washing products
- Bright, vibrant colors without blurring
- White whiter

Professional Equipment

In our cleaner we use professional cleaning and drying machines specially designed for Wet Clean created by Schulthess, a Swiss company that produces high-quality equipment.

Premium Detergents

For cleaning and washing we use BÜFA Care 4.0, a German detergent system and premium cleaning solution for textile care. We do not use perclorethylene that is toxic to the environment, our premium wash and finish solutions offer excellent results and even better than chemical cleaning.