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Services & Prices

See below the list of services and pricing for Wet Clean clothes and laundry in Bucharest. We collect and deliver FREE from your clothing, linen and any other items that need to be cleaned and ironed. Cleaning prices include ironing.

* The minimum collection order is 80 lei.

Clothes cleaning prices

ArticlePrice (lei)
The shirt10
Silk shirt19
Jacket / Simple Dress / Long Skirt17
Trouser / Short Skirt / Blouse / Sweater14
Tie / Scarf7
Simple Dress / Long Skirt17
Coat / Jacket37
Jacket / Thin Coat28
Dress Occasion / Skirt occasion45

Cleaning Prices Household Articles

ArticlePrice (lei)
Curtain / Drapery (/ sqm)7
Cushion cushion29
Pilot down65
Synthetic cushion22
Bathrobe / Big towel22
Blanket / Cloth / Armchair cover45
Cushion cover65
Blanket / comforter45

Ironing prices

Free collections124
Return time24 / 48h48h48h
Kg included310**20**
Minimum collection3kg *5 kg5 kg
Price / kg27 Lei / Kg25 Lei / Kg21 Lei / Kg
Package price81 Lei250 Lei420 Lei

Laundry prices

The price is 10 lei per kg, minimum 5 kg, the price includes drying. The Laundry Room staff will NOT further sort your clothes, which are washed and dried exactly as you have sorted them before picking them up.

For orders call 0734 644 644

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